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From Me to You

I live between Vancouver Island in Western Canada, and Cascais in Portugal. 


I regularly recharge in nature, enjoy peaceful moments as well as active dance, song, &  percussive instruments.I speak Portuguese fluently among other languages. I am a father of two.

I have consulted and served as Director for International Businesses; am a graduate 

of advanced study at Healing the Light Body School (2007/2017); & certified as a sex coach (Member of WASC World Association of Sex Coaches - 2019). I am a NVC (Non Violent Communication) practitioner (2014-2019). I regularly attend retreats, practice groups, workshops, and conferences.  


In these times we can be overstimulated by the sheer volume of information with which we interact (phones, TV, & technology in general). As we are exposed to these intrusions we can become 'numb' and neglect physical signals to the point that our bodies may manifest dis-ease.


Our brains (amygdala - autonomic nervous system) can also perceive subconscious cues from past challenging moments that may lead to flight, fight, and freeze states.


I will help you to release past traumas so that you can move on to recognise triggers and create yourself a new map to live a more contented existence.


I combine verbal and non-verbal techniques to help you with actions and repeated patterns that do not serve you. You will learn to feel and 'read' your body: to be more aware and therefore a more empathetic communicator.

I am a QEnergySpa (Bio-Electric Field Enhancement) provider. This technology can re-vitalise your body so you achieve maximal functioning. (See Fees for costs of session). www.futurelifescience.com