From Me to You

I work between Vancouver Island, Western Canada, and Portugal.


Recharging through nature and enjoying peaceful moments - along with my family - keep me going.

Education: Graduate in (Clinical) Criminology, U of T, Canada); Applied Social Sciences (Concordia). Grad. advanced study at Healing the Light Body School (2007/2017) Netherlands and USA; Certified Sex Coach (Member of WASC World Association of Sex Coaches - 2019) USA. NVC (Non Violent Communication) practitioner (2014-2019) Canada. I regularly attend retreats, practice groups, workshops, and conferences.  

Languages: English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish.

In these times we can be overstimulated by the sheer volume of information with which we interact (media in general). These intrusions can make us 'numb' to the point that we may neglect physical signals - warnings to make a change in lifestyle.


I will help you to release past traumas so that you can move on to recognise triggers and create yourself a new map to live more fluidly.


We will use verbal and non-verbal techniques to help you with patterns that do not serve you. You will learn to feel and 'read' your body: to be more aware and a more effective communicator.

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