Subtle Energies: Healing the Light Body

Christopher Brings with him experience in restorative energy work from Healing the Light Body School. 


The Luminous Energy Field (LEF), describes a field of light that surrounds the physical body. In the shamanic traditions, the LEF holds a record of all your emotional, physical and spiritual traumas.


Inviting a client to put aside their limiting life stories and be open to the power of this work can mark the beginning of a new life purpose: an altered imprint that can shift years of therapy and blockage with self permission to move on and modify patterns from previous generations.


You will work at the level of the soul and spirit just as the shamans learned and have passed down for generations. By embracing this component of self and relation to the greater cosmos you can participate in energy healing, wholeness, and well-being in every area of your life. It is said, change your perception change your life!