What is Health and Wellness coaching? 

Health and Wellness Coaching can help get you back on track if feeling overwhelmed or confused in realising the choices available to you. 


Adopt a more healthful daily plan for your body/ mind with tips for motivation. These may include a nutritional plan to guide you in choosing food combinations. I can create an action plan for your activities and fitness once I know your medical allowances/restrictions. 


We will integrate non-invasive techniques to establish a safe and consensual space for your healing to begin. I use a co-active coaching model that facilitates an alliance between two EQUALS for the purpose of meeting your needs: a PERSON rather than a PROBLEM to be solved. Focus is on you as a WHOLE person.

I offer QEnergySpa sessions (Bio-Electric Field Enhancement). This technology can re-vitalise your body so you achieve maximal functioning. (See Fees for costs of session). www.futurelifescience.com